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MON                  7 PM 


                          3.30 PM

                          6.00 PM

THURSDAY       9.15 AM 

                         10.30 AM

FRIDAY              9.30 AM



available upon request               

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference

In 20 sessions you'll see the difference

In 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body"

Joseph Pilates

What is Pilates

The Pilates method is a low impact exercise program consisting of muscular strength and endurance movements; it improves flexibility, balance, coordination and breathing techniques. The Pilates exercise program promotes long lean muscles and encourages correct postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.

Benefits of Clinical Pilates:

Improves posture

Increases flexibility & mobility

Improves breathing technique

Reduces pain (where it is muscle related).

Increases strength & endurance

Improves balance

Improves sporting performance

Increases relaxation

"The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of its body and not at its mercy"

Joseph Pilates

History of Pilates:

German born Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates method which he named Contology. He suffered from rickets, rheumatic fever and asthma as a child. He then went onto study boxing, gymnastics, meditation, yoga, self defense and skiing in later years. At the start of first World War he spent a year in a prison camp in Lancster where he developed a series of mat exercises to build up strength and flexibility. Joseph moved to the Isle of Man where he rehabilitated soldiers injured at war. Moving back to Germany briefly he worked with the Hamburg police. In 1923 Joseph Pilates immigrated to New York where he then continued his program developing equipment and exercises. His ability to return dancers back to the stage after back and leg injuries gained him an excellent reputation in the dance world. Contology was then renamed Pilates after its creator.



Initial Consultation:

This is when we discuss your personal goals and complete a postural and movement assessment. It also allows us time to devote to teach the necessary fundamental Pilates principles in depth.    1 hour- $80 

Once the initial assessment has been completed and the framework to your program has been written you can then participate in the small group sessions or continue with private session if you wish.

Small Group Mat Classes (maximum 3 participants)

Individually tailored exercise programs. Classes are suitable for all levels encouraging the individual to work within their own body. Exercises are also modified depending on ability. or injury. Small equipment is often used such as: fit balls, foam rollers, magic circles, therabands, hand weights and spiky balls. A reformer and tower is also available to challege the individual further for a full body workout.

Class sizes are limited so we can provide personal attention.

10x1 hour sessions $350

Private Classes:

A one on one session with your Pilates instructor, guiding you through a series of exercises selected to meet your unique needs. Private sessions are particularly valuable when you are just beginning your Pilates journey. 1 hour- $80

Large Group Class: (10 people)

A one hour class that combines stretching, self massage, breathing and the fundamentals of Pilates. This class is progressive and provides a well balance general exercise program. Participants of the small group Pilates sessions may like to use this as a 'top up' session to add to their existing weekly classes. Large group classes are available upon request. 


I can't thank Melanie enough for the improvement in my back. My frustration at the lack of improvement in the pain from a bulging disk, despite anti inflammatories and painkillers, led to a suggestion from the doctor to go see Mel. At my weekly Pilates class Mel personalises the exercises for each us - maximum of 3 in the class.

Then there's the massages. Bliss. Mel has magic hands. I arrive stiff and sore and leave with so much more flexibility and movement.

No more painkillers.

I'd recommend her to anyone.

Helen Kent 

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